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A way of saying 'No' without disappointing the person you're talking to.This phrase is used mostly by parents ,and girls.
Guy 1 :Hey, I kinda like you, will you go out with me?
Girl 1 :I'll think about it.

Son 1 : Dad, Can I get an iPad?
Dad 1 : I won't get it for you now ,but I'll think about it.

Guy 1 : Can you accept my definition urban-dictionary.com?
Urban-Dictionary.com: I'll think about it.
by Asmar January 26, 2011
When a white person gets so pissed off that his skin turns red.
Guy 1 :Did you see what happened to John yesterday after Kim called his Dad gay?

Guy 2 :Yeah,He got one of his usual red bull rages.
by Asmar January 27, 2011

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