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Man code, to ask the question "would you have sex with her"? Typically used in a hypothetical setting, as a female walks by or is nearby.
Guy #1: (elbows guy next to him) "Hey man, wouldya?"
Guy #2: "Not even with your dick!"
by Big Papi October 02, 2008
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You're with the lads, a smoking hot piece of prime gammon walks past. Instead of asking your friend "would you have sex with that woman if the opportunity presented itself?", you simply ask; "would ya?"
*woman walks past*
"'Ey, Steve! Would ya?"
"Too right, she's asking for it!"
by ninepintsofmilk May 06, 2010
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An inquiry of one's desire to make sex with another.
Tony: You seen that new girl in the office right? Wouldya?
Brian: Without hesitation my friend.
by Vaun2 January 15, 2009
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A question, asking if one would chuck it in the girl in question.
Sheldon - "Wouldya?"
Ang - "I dont even have a penis!! or do I?...."
by Sheldon January 26, 2004
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would you come over here please would'yaPittsbugh slang
Hey, wouldya comier for a sec?
by Henry Palek March 11, 2005
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