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A supercilious phrase, meant to say that the speaker is so much richer (and, by implication, cooler) than the hearer that the second person's opinions/possessions/whatever fail to matter at all.
Why, you insufferable poser, I could buy and sell you!
by Marchbanks May 02, 2004

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Essentially, "I am much richer than you." A stronger form of "I could buy you." Usually a derisive phrase.
"I could buy you and sell you," said Bill Gates to his impoverished employee.
by Athene Airheart May 01, 2004
i could have you but i dont want you, someone telling you that u are either not wanted, unattractive, that u too dont have good chemestry? in all the definitions above it is, a SHUTDOWN, sorry u obscenely unfortunate little person.
¿hey mike wanna go to the movies on saturday?
Biatch! i could buy you and sell you! (giggles, cool-ly, with friends)
by gillian April 30, 2004