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A creepy dude who's invincible to anything, makes the most random jokes, is sadistic in a funny way, and has such a strong accent half the people he meets can't understand him. He's got amazing grades, all A's. He's a creeper but a fun guy overall.
A name with endless nickname possibilities: Hyunnybunny, Hyundai, Hyunsenburner, etc.
Woah, look at the way he deflected that bullet! Must be a Hyun.
by SandwichNinja December 11, 2010
the most awesome group of people you will ever meet on the face of the world. the type of people you want to have as friends because you know they wont and dont have the capability of embarrasing you in public.
yeana is a hyun. that's all you have to know.
by yeana May 23, 2008
Probably a good-looking korean, that likes games. Probably a nerdy boy. Maybe lazy, chinky eyes. Tall most-likely. But overall is a good person and nice guy/girl. Sweet and lovable.
Look at that chink, hyun.
by What...are you? July 16, 2010
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