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Noun) "Something beneath the skin". It comes from the Latin word 'hypodermic', which is an adjective meaning "beneath the skin" (like a 'hypodermic needle').

(It doesn't have anything to do with shrinking balls/sexual organs.)
That beat is a hypodermia, man!! I feel my veins dancing whenever I listen to it!
by Peter Rete March 29, 2009
Shrinking of sexual organs such as the penis or scrotum due to exposure to cold or immersion in cold water. Usually accompanied by a pitch increase in the sufferer's voice and/or slight social inhibition. This condition has been known to strike females, though it usually presents itself as a hardening of the nipples.
"I was in the pool!" - George Costanza

"Dude its freezing! I think im getting hypodermia. Why the hell did i wear shorts?"
by Alex Hattwick September 02, 2008
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