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A facebook term demeaning from the words "Hypocrite" and "Facebook Creep"
Basically means you call other people Creeps for creepin' on people's facebook photos when in fact you do it yourself
"Well... if I'm a creep, that makes you a Hypocreep"
by BLynch February 07, 2007
an extremely sexually-aggressive and overzealous boyfriend/girlfriend who has a propensity for excessive eye-flirting and generally mischievous behavior, who at the same time has the gall to get jealous when the bartender hits on his/her partner
Marco was acting like a real hypocreep when he was caught heavily flirting with a scantily clad club patron, just moments after admonishing his girlfriend Vanessa for flirting with the bartender.
by Alex Bravo July 13, 2011

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