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Booze. Usually beer.
i need more talent juice.

this juice has no talent (bad tasting)

"Hey watch this one boys, Ohhhh Lois, I need more talent juice"
- Peter Griffin
by BLynch January 14, 2007
(n)A play on words describing someone's ability to fuck everything up. When everything that person does (touches) turns to shit.
1. Spellcheck doesn't pick up shitty grammer- you've got the mud-ass touch.
by BLynch March 14, 2008
A facebook term demeaning from the words "Hypocrite" and "Facebook Creep"
Basically means you call other people Creeps for creepin' on people's facebook photos when in fact you do it yourself
"Well... if I'm a creep, that makes you a Hypocreep"
by BLynch February 07, 2007
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