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The mystic vegan princess one finds reference to in ancient tales about Brazilian jungle amphibians and Maya Derrin videos.
The Hyla made her subjects curtsy when addressing her before afternoon meditation.
by frogscientist February 05, 2010
'Haha You Love Annie Syndrome'
HYLAS is a description made about someone who is in love with a girl named Annie. They may often present with the inability to keep their hands to themselves, constant affection towards this person, and the constant desire to engage in coitus. Person's suffering from this syndrome may often devote their whole lives to making 'Annie' happy as they believe 'Annie' is their world, pride and joy, and source of happiness. In context: if these symptoms are visible in a person towards a person named Annie, one may rightly say; 'Haha you love Annie', or diagnose them with HYLAS.
by S4A September 06, 2012
some sort of froggy tree that eats trees and frogs, similar to gregorians
hylas live in trees and also eat trees
by john October 22, 2004
The opposite of "Lylas" which means Love Ya Like A Sister, "Hylas" mean Hate Ya Like A Sister.

It's when your friend says or does something bitchy you can say "HYLAS" cause you still love her like sisters do, but hate her at the moment.

Also wonderful to say back to a "LYLAS" that is sarcastic.

Pronounced: HI-LA-S
Lydia: Hey so might have put that picture up that you looked shwasted in....lylas!

Catherine: Hylas...
by Fireywonder January 27, 2011
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