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Hydronics or Hydronic is a term typically used to describe the process of heating or cooling using water or other fluids as a heat transfer medium to move heating or cooling energy long distances through small pipes or hoses to individual areas. Hydronic heating or cooling systems provide a variety of methods for distributing heating or cooling throughout homes, apartments and other buildings. These systems include, but are not limited to muli-zoned Hydro-Air, Radiant Floor/Panels, Fin Tube Baseboard, Steel or Cast Iron Radiators and/or other types of systems employing circulating fluids. Hydronic systems can even provide Domestic Hot Water, Snow/Ice Melting of driveways, stairs or sidewalks and other process applications.
Hydronics is used in many ways to provide warm, comfortable, quiet and efficient heating and/or cooling. Hydro-Air provides low cost zoned hydronic heating or cooling using Boilers, Water Heaters, Chillers or Ice-X Thermal Energy Storage Batteries. Geothermal systems typically use Hydronics when drawing energy from the Earth.
by Tony Roland May 20, 2007
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