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2 definitions by jaysonx

Someone that pulls up to a stoplight and leaves an obscene amount of space between themselves and the next car. Resulting in frusturation for all.
Dumbass up there in his red ford expedition has left an idiot gap large enough to park a semi. Now nobody will be able to make it through the light when it turns green.
by jaysonx June 23, 2004
Not an electric car.

In automotive performance circles, a Hybrid is considered a vehicle that has swapped out its stock motor in favor of a bigger, more powerful unit. This is a common practice among many Honda drivers, who have swapped out their smaller economy engines in favor of a larger engines, such as ones seen in the Acura Integra, Honda CRV, Honda Prelude or Acura RSX.

Many enthusiasts choose to go Hybrid over heavy engine modification, as it is more cost effective and offers greater reliability.
Have you seen John's new Hybrid CRX? He swapped in a Integra Type R engine, and then wrapped the car around a pole cause he drives like an asshat. Stupid riceboy.
by jaysonx November 18, 2003