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To throw, chuck or pass. Used in Suffolk traditionally and probably elsewhere in the UK.
hey jasper, huzz us me bacca will ya boy?!
by Good Ol Jasper December 13, 2007
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An involuntary shiver experienced after one takes a shot of hard liquor, urinates, or ejaculates, eg.

Usually prefaced with "The."
"Man, that bong toke gave me 'the huzz.'"

"Y'all ever heard of 'the huzz?'"

"I do believe that scene in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' when Phoebe Cates shows her tits damn near gave me 'the huzz.'"

by Pascalawag August 25, 2008
Like Buzz, only more Huzzilicious.

Not to be confused with Buzz-Huzzing, or Hugh Grant.
(Noun) - "The dirty great huzz found my gnome rack.


(Noun) - "Wow... Nice Huzz"

(Adjective) - "She's been huzzing all over the place since they installed the water cooler."

(Verb) - "I'd huzz her."
by Cranky Kong January 08, 2008
House; place of domain.
Guy: Man, we gotta go kick at yo HUZZ afta the show.

by Birdmankickitatyohuzz July 03, 2006
When you are high and buzzed at the same time.
After I drink this 6 pack of beers, I'm going to smoke a joint to get my huzz on.

I got huzzed last night.
by Tony Sevilla September 11, 2008
To be in the act of consuming alcohol. You can also be huzzin' or huzzed. Which means you are drunk (huzzed).

From the boys of TT TT.
My friends and I got a keg last night and huzzed our faces off.
by CDubbLs October 01, 2004

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