A man that is very witty, clever, suave, and devious. A seasoned expert at getting out of trouble and manipulating others. He can't be trusted farther than he can be thrown. One might call this person a class clown or to a select few, a blue falcon. Usually very flirtatious with the females but deep down just wants a stable relationship with a chill girl. Despite all of his mischievous activities, he is a very good person deep down
Husky is sooo amazing.
Don't listen to Husky, he's lying!
by monkeysgonewild July 27, 2010
a erection
Ethan: Jimmy has his book in his lap again.

Cole: he's hiding a husky Hahaha
by FF-Ed October 14, 2014
-Plump, stocky in body.
-When referring to a voice, usually having a hoarse, rough, or throaty quality, from exhaustion or emotion.
-Two husky guys closed in on me. Things didn't look good the way they had their fists balled up.
-Survivors swarmed all around me, eyes darting, names called out. The voices calling these names were husky, weary, and seemed ready to start sobbing.
by Lorelili September 08, 2005
mad cool, hott, sexy, awesome
damn, josh is huskyyy :)
by aaaayeeee April 30, 2009
The team name of the most B.A. high school in Colorado...and America period.
by Adawn March 22, 2009
Refers to the size of bags of pots. Usually nicks, dimes, and dubs.
Is it good?

No, but his bags are husky.
by PRODOCAT April 26, 2010
A mythological barbarian type giant known to live in the mountains in a hidden castle known for destroying villages by treading on them as well as kidnapping & sodomizing villagers
conan the barbarian looks like a very small version of a husky
by Desper8 July 31, 2005

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