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A siikly amazingly strong freak ov nature, who is well endowed, and ofently asked if he takes steroids.
oh my god that was a feat nearly as awesome as a husky
thats some qualtiy 'husky' strength you got there pal
by jacob huskins February 01, 2008
14 30
A lesbian who is physically bigger in build, unfashionable, has a deep voice, masculine. They are known to be dominant over other woman and men. Typically, they may be found in these areas of work: construction, lumberjacks, mechanics, plumbers, and truckers.
"Some husky that was fixing my car just asked if i've ever felt a harley between my legs before."
by Sarah & Taylor August 30, 2007
21 37
A person who is unwilling to admit their homosexual tendencies, even to close friends. Often, these people make conversations and situations very awkward because of their reluctance to come out of the closet, though it is perfectly obvious to others.
Anne: Is it just me or is Freddie gay?
Kelly: Well...
Anne: Well...is he or isn't he?
Kelly: He's a husky, and it makes things really awkward for us all.
by loserfer18 June 23, 2009
38 55
Adjective. Sweet, doing it real big, dope, Nice.
Yo that car is Husky!
by Brian Patterson May 03, 2007
12 31
(adj) describing the attitude of one who is temporarily disrespectful or confrontational to another according to a disinterested third party.
Person A (to person B): Step off, do'!
Person C (to B): He gettin husky witchoo, yun-boo.
Person B (to C): Fashizzle.
by eugeneIIIm May 15, 2004
14 33
Big boned woman who is into arts and crafts and dogs. Friend of Tamale, C1, and Hermie. Is rude to people who are confirmed enemies of said friends. Likes to harass people into leaving so she can be senior supreme even though she doesn't have a college degree. Has a scary voice and laugh.
Husky snuggled Cletus into her ample bosom while they talked about American Idol and Survivor while eating Tamale's tamales.
by Ophi April 26, 2005
18 39
A term to describe a large woman (not nessisarily fat), think of a husky dog.
-That husky girl is fucking huge!
by Fukt August 18, 2003
24 46