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This is when two male friends have reached a stage in their (non-gay) relationship that is so close and so amazing that they are no longer bromos but have joined eachother in a commitment of husbro and husbro. Until death do them apart. This is the final ultimate stage in any bromance.

The stages:

*Bromo (The start of the bromance, first coined by Scrubs in the bromance of J.D. and Turk)
*Husbro (First coined by Raul/Sandrock in his bromance with Xterm/Wizzy)
Hey did you hear about Harry and Ron they are becoming Husbros next week!
Wow, so they finally made the choice move from bromos to commit themselves as husbros? That's amazing news!
by RaulS1987/Sandrock October 16, 2010
Gen X term of endearment similar to 'hubby'
"when shopping for a new lake property a wife said to the real estate person when asked if he/she should draw up the papers she said 'I don't know, I have to ask my husbro' "
by Toad666 January 23, 2014
When a sister and brother are so close that it's kind of creepy, and people start to talk about them in an incestuous manner until he gets labeled as her husband/brother.
"Those two are way too close man, I think he's her husbro!"
by WerdTerd September 16, 2009
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