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Originated in southern Florida, this phrase reffers to an eating style known as "Hurricane Style". Often during Hurricane Season, residents would have their power go out, due to heavy winds knocking over telephone poles and such.
While the power is out, participants would eat canned food right out of the can, often cold or lukewarm, as they have no supplies to cook it that do not use power.
Jonathan had no power due to hurricane Charlie, and greatly hungered for Chef Boyardee's ravioli, but could not use the microwave. So, he grabbed a spoon, a can opener, and started to eat it hurricane style.

Susie: "I'm so hungry, let's make chicken noodle soup"

Jamie: "I would, but my power is out, and I don't have a gas stove."

Susie: "That's okay, we can eat it raw, hurricane style."
by Artemisblue September 07, 2008
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