hahahahhaa LOL

hunt like CUNT!
hunt like cunt like vagina?
by STABBA STABBA :| May 12, 2009
Top Definition
Coolest people in the word, but they can not spell...
wow those hunts are kool...
by Jeff Hunt March 03, 2005

To search for a sexual partner.
"Are you coming out to hunt some meat tonight?"
by Bonhilda September 28, 2009
The worst brand of ketchup
Heinz ketchup is blazin!
by Scratch DJ June 15, 2004
The worst, bland ketchup that ever was made. The archrival of the H.J. Heinz Co.
Pittsburgher 1: He just used hunts on his burger

Pittsburgher 2: Must be one of those queefs from Cleveland.

Pittsburgher 1: Pass the Heinz.
by The Pittsburgher October 08, 2004
When one has too much to drink; is extremely intoxicated.
Did you see Jim last night?
Yeah he was so Hunt!
by Real69er October 12, 2014
Someone of a not too respectable background that is an awesome wingman and plays dungeons and dragons on the weekends while enjoying working hard during the week at whatever he/she does especialy if in the service of the military.
I might pull an all out hunt tonight.
by doughnut1986 August 15, 2008
I little cunt who likes to suck dick, and is obsessed with little boys, also known as a cunt
Wow that teachers soo gay his last name

must be hunt
by the master womab March 06, 2014

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