Black dude
When some people play GTA3, they only Hunt black people. Thus, hunts were born
by mateo May 05, 2004
someone (male) with long hair and acting like a cunt.(hairycunt=hunt)
fuck me sideways martha look at that dirty hippy HUNT pissing up the shop window.
by badgerchops March 06, 2008
hahahahhaa LOL

hunt like CUNT!
hunt like cunt like vagina?
by STABBA STABBA :| May 12, 2009
Snobby. One having snobbish qualities.

A "Hunt" usually cannot resist hockey players. Attracted to one named Danny.
Ex- "I think Danny is hot"
by Sloppy seconds May 18, 2004
A worthless four eyed faggot who couldnt get laid if someone paid him. A fucking lazy ass bitch who likes to give Smith's head. A ignorant mother fucker who's last girlfriend is his hand. Also your name rymes with Cunt.
Your such a hunt. Dont act like a hunt.
by Jason April 19, 2005

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