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A village that claims it is the biggest village in the world, when it is barely the biggest village in North Yorkshire. Residents are called Hunmanbyites. It has nothing that Filey hasn't got, and it certainly doesn't have the calibre of gastronomy, or the libation-related qualities of Filey's pubs, clubs, restaurants, or takeaways.
Why can't Hunmanby burn?
by Arseminge June 06, 2010
The centre of the universe.
Person 1 ; 'Where is Hunmanby'
Person 2 ; 'Oh its at the centre of the universe'
by _Mattyboy_ January 14, 2007
The worst place currently known to mankind, this small town still clames to be a village. Located on the East Coast of Yorkshire, close to the nearly as bad Filey. The people residents have been give the name Hunmanbyians
Person 1: Where u live
Person 2: Hunmanby
by -hugin- March 17, 2005