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A resident of Hunmaby, these creatures are belived by some to be the missing link.
They can be easily indentified as most are:
2.Big Headed
Person 1: Im from Hunmanby
Person 2: ARGHHHHHH Run Away
by -hugin- March 17, 2005
The worst place currently known to mankind, this small town still clames to be a village. Located on the East Coast of Yorkshire, close to the nearly as bad Filey. The people residents have been give the name Hunmanbyians
Person 1: Where u live
Person 2: Hunmanby
by -hugin- March 17, 2005
A carboard box on wheels,
new vovlos are soggy cardboard boxes, only ever driven by gays. Destroy on sight.
Alos probably the only car that has a driver that ignorant they will run you over
2:RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:Oh dear
by -hugin- May 20, 2005

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