Possibly the most creative immigration policy in recent fiction.
Proven to lower immigration rates by 96% (23/24).
MP: We need to lower immigration by 23/24 without sounding like racists.
President Snow: Hunger Games
MP: Yes!
by TheUltimax May 20, 2016
Book series and film basically just a rip off of the Japanese novel, manga and film of Battle Royale. However has less fighting, gore and story replaced with a love triangle that Twilight would be happy with.

Battle Royale Rip off
Friend: 'Have you read The Hunger Games?'
Me: 'Oh you mean that rip off of Battle Royale?'
Friend: '...'
by Ichigo15 June 22, 2013
To beat to a bloody pulp or murder. Comes from the book the hunger games where children fight to the death.
person 1 "Did you just step on my puma?"
person 2 "yes, what are you gonna do about it?"
person 1 "I'm gonna hunger games your ass with a wrench then hide the body in the woods."
by lifeguard59 July 05, 2011
A movie that owes all its success to Twilight Saga and Harry Potter. Heavily promoted and named "the next big thing". Will never be a Worldwide Phenomenon like the other two franchises because only popular in the United States, flopped internationally. Its about starving children who kill each other to win food for their district. Basically Kony 2012 in movie form. Promotes violence. The casting for the movie is all wrong and no one actually looks like they are starving. Also a rip-off of Battle Royale.
MTV: " If you like Twilight or Harry Potter then you'll definitely love Hunger Games"
by LivingLouderLove July 03, 2012
A trite, unrealistic, derivative series of books that are designed to cater to the brainwashed, star-struck teenage girl fans of the Twilight series, The world is being taken over by the aformented demographic. And although there are still resistance groups hidden in the depths of the internets, the physical world has been taken over. SHIT, HERE COMES THE TWILIGHT GESTAPO, GOTTA RUN GUYS.
*Gunfire, Gunfire*
*Grenade, Screams*
*.50 Cal Machine Gun*
*Gunfire, Rocket Launcher*
by 1950s September 04, 2012
A somewhat twilight-ish book.

A. Love triangle. Wow.

B. Two hotties fighting over one plain girl. How original.

C. Girl can't make up her mind over the 2 guys. No way!? Oh, did i mention the guys don't mind her indecision?

D. Girl thrashes around in her sleep like a maniac. Gosh.

E. All the gooey, cheesy remarks from Ms. Katniss Everdeen about Peeta and Gale. Get over it.

Anyways, other than those mentioned above, it's pretty entertaining with all the blood, gore, killing, and above all, the twists and turns. Thumbs up to the twists.
Fangirl 1: oh my gosh, i cant wait to see hunger games. Team Peeta.

Fangirl 2: Oh nooo. Team Gale yoh.

Me: shut the hell up.
by Weirdo#222 January 05, 2012
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