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1 definition by Weirdo#222

A somewhat twilight-ish book.

A. Love triangle. Wow.

B. Two hotties fighting over one plain girl. How original.

C. Girl can't make up her mind over the 2 guys. No way!? Oh, did i mention the guys don't mind her indecision?

D. Girl thrashes around in her sleep like a maniac. Gosh.

E. All the gooey, cheesy remarks from Ms. Katniss Everdeen about Peeta and Gale. Get over it.

Anyways, other than those mentioned above, it's pretty entertaining with all the blood, gore, killing, and above all, the twists and turns. Thumbs up to the twists.
Fangirl 1: oh my gosh, i cant wait to see hunger games. Team Peeta.

Fangirl 2: Oh nooo. Team Gale yoh.

Me: shut the hell up.
by Weirdo#222 January 05, 2012