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Humphrey, as in Bogart, is another term for someone who is holding onto a joint, pipe, bong, or any other means of smoking marijuana while others are waiting to take a hit.
"Come on Humphrey...pass it then you can keep talking."
by Jenn Regan June 22, 2006
Someone who is just a complete and utter soppy bastard and does regular Facebook updates explaining how shit their life is, often saying FML.
that new boy jack just sits In the corner listening to depressive music with his head on his knees.... What a Humphrey.
by youuglybastard June 21, 2011
a whore
a person who humps for free
a person who goes out w/ ppl, and makes love to them after their first date
a blond bitch
a bj giveaway
"look at humphrey go"
"that fuckin humphrey just screwed him after 3 days"
" i wanna fuck that humphrey"
by anal rape March 11, 2008
The guy from almost famous on hobowars that tells everyone the meaning of their name in the urban dictionary

Everyone loves him though, we want his children

Humphrey -
1. stigs
A fat, lazy, Puerto Rican teacher/cop/lacrosse coach. Known to be a complete retard and sleeps with his mother

how does this make you feel about your name, this is from urban dictionary?

Humphery -
sue: a sexy lady with huge titties that loves to have sex all the time, nice fat ass, and likes to do it in her jacuzzi tub

wierd, it says nothing about kissing for a bathroom break
by Sonicsue July 10, 2008
Humphrey is used to describe any unusual birth mark or freckle on sum1's face. It cant be sum1 with lots of freckles. Its just ONE freckle or birth mark on the face that catches ur attention and is really ugly. There is also a trisex humphrey which is wen sum1 has 3 humphreys that make a triangle on the side of their face.
Wow that humphrey on SB's face is mad anoying. I just want to chop that shit off.
by bobby apple November 28, 2005
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