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(n.) A person who is extremely annoying but lovable as well. Usually Humna's are very unique and odd. They tend to have large eyes and crazy laughs. Humna's are far from normal and aren't always well liked. It takes a special type of person to understand a Humna, but in the end they make for good company. A Humna is very entertaining and once you get to know a Humna you can't help but to fall in love.
Person 1 says something really stupid.
Person 2 in response: "Stop talking. You sound like a Humna.."

Person 1: "Your girlfriend is so annoying..."
Person 2: "NAH, she's just Humna."
by buttholeitcher May 30, 2011
49 22
someone who flashes her boobs to mexicans
dannngg, that humna was gettin all up on dis HOLA!! ayyyayyyy
by DJ NIGGA SWAG January 30, 2011
17 41