When one puts all of their clothes on a midget in roller skates and drags them through the airport, in lieu of using a normal suitcase.
I saw at least three human suitcases in LAX yesterday...man, the recession has hit hard.
by Don Bigote February 13, 2011
It's that thing, of when a midget on rollerskates wears all of your clothes and then you pull them through an airport.
They made me check my human suitcase cause there was no room in the overhead bins.
by jmreno February 26, 2011
A midgit on roller skates that you put all your clothes on and pull through the airport.
Does having a human suitcase count as fascism?
by lithuanianminion February 21, 2011
Smuggling narcotics or other contraband through security checkpoints by stuffing them in your ass.
John: "Hey James how did you get the weed through security?"
James: "Easy, man, I just used my human suitcase. I wouldnt sniff the bag if I were you!"
by unoriginalsin February 21, 2011
It's that thing where a midget on rollerskates wears all your clothes and you drag them through an airport.
Stefon gave his valentine a human suitcase
by humansuitcase1 February 20, 2011
As Stefon (SNL) says, it's that thing of when a midget on rollerskates wears all of your clothes and you pull them through an airport. It's a great gift for Valentine's Day.
Adam: I'm going to get Katie human suitcase for Valentine's Day. She'll love it!

Eric: What???
by Tiffany&Co February 16, 2011
When you pull around a midget on rollerskates that wears all your clothes.
Stefon: If you want a great Valentines Day you dont even need to leave the house, just give the person a romantic Valentine's Day gift.

Seth: You mean like a box of chocolates?

Stefon: No, like human suitcases.
by youssss February 14, 2011

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