when you fist someones ass hole and then lift them up while your fist is still in their anus and proceed to carry them like luggage.
So I finally made it to 5th base with my girlfriend last night Johnny, What do you mean Steve? Well I turned her into a human suitcase! How did you do that? While I was fisting her I clenched my fist, picked her up and carried her around like she was luggage.
by Darth Gaydar August 06, 2011
If you want a great Valentine's Day, you don't even need to leave the house; just give the person you love a romantic Valentine's Day gift, like Human Suitcases.
A "Human Suitcase" is that thing of when a midget on rollerskates wears all of your clothes and then you pull them through an airport.
by Stefon, City Correspondent March 14, 2011
A midget on rollerblades who wears all your clothing while you pull him through an airport. Best described by Stefan (Bill Hader) on Saturday Night Live.
"I forgot my human suitcase at the airport, but he found his way home."
by Alice Liddel February 13, 2011
a midget on roller skates which is then dressed in your clothing and pulled through the airport like a roller suitcase.

from the SNL skit "city corespondent Stefon" Season 36 Episode 15
can be given to a loved one as a gift at Valentine's Day (human suitcase)
by SNLlove February 13, 2011
A midget on roller skates that wears all of an individual's clothes so that they can be pulled around an airport.

*as defined on SNL
I'm sorry sir but if you're going to insist that that man is a "human suitcase" and NOT a passenger then he is going to have to be stowed away in the overhead bins.
by Alex Simms February 28, 2011
A midget on roller skates wears all of your clothes
Amber was pulling her human suitcase through the airport
by Jake2z February 13, 2011
Its when a midget on roller-skates wears all of your clothes and you pull him/her through an airport
Look at that man's human suitcase!
by RJMAVS369 February 13, 2011
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