The hugging game (usually televised) played by brawny, steroid filled, hairy, macho, closet homosexuals also know as "rugby". These drooling testosterone driven caveman alpha he-males love the orgy of rough sweaty embraces by a multitude of partners in quick succession. It is mostly watched by passive homosexuals who are turned on by the masses of bent over bums in tight shorts and repeated slow-mo's. After the match there is usually a well anticipated naked male bonding session in showers, spas and saunas.
Aww, not the bloody hugby on TV again... They should get a room.
by rugbyhater February 15, 2014
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A exclamation usually stated when one accidently steps in baby food for the third time that day. Common among 1940s, teen mothers and aboriginal people of austrailian. The phrase was popularized by the great TV show, "Look What the Cat Dragged In...Another Fucking Dead Mouse...And Fuck Baby Food" in 1993.
Martha: "Hugbies, this gerber baby carrot shit is all up in my toe crevices again, making this the 3rd time."
by Jimothesis! May 18, 2009

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