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An insult used at your local high school to make fun of a fat kid. Used to describe how someone has large fat cheeks cuz they stuff food in the mouth all the time.
Man John is such a god damn Gerber baby
by john_farley34 April 23, 2015
An expletive used in place of a swear word around little children or by someone who is a prick and just won't conform to everybody's standards.
Silly Mom: You can't go tonight, and can you get that out of Jack's mouth?
John: ... Gerber Baby!!!
by Transpolar Drift Stream July 20, 2011
When u fuck a girl so good she goes to sleep an while she's sleep you put your dick in her mouth
Her: damn bae u fucked me so good last night u put my ass 2 sleep. But why did i have a mouth full of cum this morning?

Him: oh i gave u that gerberbaby last night
by Gerber baby March 16, 2015
known as a person that is not about that life. One that gets drunk after two beers, and does not handle liquor very well. Also a person that gets no women, and has no muscle definition.
We're going to the club tonight, but we're leaving the Gerber Baby behind. We dont want him throwing up after two beers.
by Carlos Hangover Baby. January 18, 2011
Someone who looks like the Gerber Baby logo and takes offense to everything.
I don't like Gerber Baby, he's annoying and bad at basketball.
by Jeff Dinser December 05, 2007
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