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An overflow and rush of emotions and hormones as one recieves an exceptionaly amazing hug.
My girlfriend melted in my arms with a hugasm.
by Marty Casperson December 05, 2008
It's a combination or hug and orgasm. It comes for a conversation with a friend that said," the girl needed a hug, not an orgasm." And I said, "why not both"

she just wants to snuggle ... Maybe I'll give her a hugasm
by Skaku March 07, 2013

1) When you hug someone so sensually you have an orgasm
2) Hugging someone, probably a significant other, and its very nice, similar to a snuggle.
1) Ohmygod, *hugs you so hard i orgasm*
2) It was so nice, we hugasmed
by PhantomQ July 24, 2015
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