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During sexual intercourse, usually when the male and female are engaged in the missionary position, the male wraps his arms around the upper body of the female and proceeds to thrust his genitalia awkwardly. The female usually suffers from a momentary loss of oxygen during the hug fuck. When a hug fuck is performed, it almost always confirms the fact that the male has no idea what they are doing and cannot fuck worth dog shit.
Did you see that dude C-Styles hug fuck some slut named Betty in that porno vid? What a faggot. I've seen walruses that can fuck better than him.
by Jraynes August 12, 2011
Hugfuck is a hug with benefits. It starts out as a hug and ends up in sex. Usually one will request a hugfuck as a nice way of asking for a fuck, or one will offer a Hugfuck in times of emotion.
"yeah she was pretty sad, I had to go around and give her a Hugfuck"
by Smorgy August 20, 2009
A Hugfuck is a hug between a guy and a girl that lasts for an extended amount of time, in which the huggers are very intimate. A hugfuck usually consists of the guy picking the girl up as they are hugging and the girl wrapping her legs around the guy's waist tightly.
-How was the party you were at man?
-Not that great, but I hugfucked this girl so it was worth stopping by
by aekdb1 October 28, 2010
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