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The dust particles that come out of a woman's vagenis when they queef. Kids that have 2 moms and 1 of them being a lesbien, normally have a hufflepuff.
When Linda felt pressure in her abdomen, she leaned back and let out a huge hufflepuff
by Versy February 23, 2011
A house at Hogwarts. Generally least notable and most average. Its where they sort you if you are not a) brave, chivalrous and courageous b) smart, creative and witty or c) ambitious, cunning and resourceful. Hufflepuff values hard work, tolerance, loyalty, and fair play(or you have none of the aforementioned traits) . Most Hogwarts joke are made about them including a part in AVPM(a very potter musical)
Cedric Diggory- Hufflepuffs are particularity good lookers.
Dumbledore- What the hell is a Hufflepuff?
by Helga Hufflepuff September 19, 2010
Nonsense; bullshit; comes from the the least popular of the four houses in Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry via the Harry Potter mythology.
As Ebenezer Scrooge did remark "Humbug!" at the mention of Christmas, so I say to you, that your beliefs are nothing but hufflepuff.
by curtis x meyer December 10, 2010
1. Usually sucks at life. That's why their fucking Hufflepuffs. Girls in Hufflepuff are generally sluts. Or fat redheads. Or obese rhinos.

2. Particular good finders, but usually in Cedric Diggory... because he FINDS you attractive.

3. Who gives a fuck, it's a Hufflepuff.
Omg... that girl is such a Hufflepuff. Why does she even bother existing?
by Hufflepuff Hater ;) July 07, 2010
The semen filled flatulence that results from anal sex.
I did this girl in the butt, and I nut in her butt, and then she Hufflepuffed all over my leg.
by Calypte August 13, 2008
Hufflepuff, the loser house at Hogwarts. Gryffindor, values courage. Slytherin, values ambition and cunning, Ravenclaw, values Intelligence and wit but Hufflepuff just values loyalty and hard working - how lame is that compared to the rest? No one wants to be in Hufflepuff.

And quick side note - its emblematic animal...is a badger, I mean, fucking Gryffindor have a goddam lion and Hufflepuff gets a badger?
Hufflepuff, is a house for people who are hard-workers (NERDS!!!)
by Peevesthepoltergeist January 14, 2010
the pussies of Hogwarts, except Tonks and Cedric Diggory. the rest are pussies
"I'm not brave, smart, or ambitious, that's why I'm in Hufflepuff."
by Christine F. September 25, 2007