inhaling a fart from one's asshole.
i Hufflepuffed the shit out of Maria after she ate a fat super burrito.
by krucker415 January 18, 2015
The sound a female's vagina makes as you're thrusting about with your penis inside of her vagina. Sound may also be heard when you're removing your penis from the vaginal cavity.
I had that bitch hufflepuffin' all over my dick.
by Zsaius October 15, 2014
The kid that's out first in dodgeball.
Hey get James- he's an easy target, he's Hufflepuff.
by Espie October 05, 2013
The least favored house in Hogwarts. Hufflepuffs are also weird...
Dart Pleasure has been assigned to Hufflepuff house!
by Hufflewhat? February 04, 2014
Usually the last place finisher in Fantasy Football leagues. Beware; trade offers will be coming almost daily.
he wanted to trade me that TE thats in Jail for All Day AP....What a hufflepuff.
by TacoLocker September 11, 2013
Someone who is only good at breathing and making sandwiches. Generally considered one step up on the evolutionary ladder above house elves.
That Cedric Diggory sure makes a damn good sandwich. He must be a Hufflepuff.
by parsley mouth November 22, 2011
'The rest'. The renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is populated by students of four great houses. Gryffendor for the bravy, Ravenclaw for the wise, Slytherin for the cunning and Hufflepuff for ...the rest.
Hufflepuff does indeed have its moments of achievement. For instance, one of their members was killed last year. Something all students in Hufflepuff can aspire too!
by Cedric Diggory June 01, 2011

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