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the biggest dirtbag town in the United States
I went to Hudson Falls as a religious virgin and came out as a dirty ho.
by keith January 17, 2004
Village in Upstate New York between Saratoga and Lake George. Hot and Humid summers, freezing the rest of the year. Pot grows in every basement and most people are related to their neighbors. The football team does not match up to the hype and the non-sport students suffer for it.
My cousins go to Hudson Falls, therefore they have pot connections
#village #upstate #tigers #hf #hf tigers
by BH16 March 22, 2009
Hudson falls is a small town in upstate new york, your either popular and wealthy or poor and unpopular. The football team is usually sucessful and the popular girls are hott. Freshman girls are THE center of attention for senior and junior girls. You will not graduate with your v-card. Smoke pot and party hard.
HFHS, hudson falls
#beer #alchohal #football #freshman #highschool
by HF graduee bitch May 03, 2009
Hudson Falls I pretty much the Gay Mecca of upstate new york. If you go to school there, you will come out either gay or partially gay. Megan Fox must have went to school there. For all the gays, there is, and will only be three top Hudson Falls Gays. One, is, and always will be, the main hag. One, has had sex with every gay in the tri-state area. And the other, knows the penis size of every gay and straight guy, pretty much known to man.
My best friend dated a girl that went to Hudson Falls, then he turned gay and dated her best hes straight again (but he had sex with her other gay)
#fag #hag #bacon and eggs #nuts and balls #hudson falls
by Cha Cha Divas June 28, 2009
hudson falls is the greatest place in the nation no other place compares the people are great except for the public service employees such as the dog catcher he an asshole the police are ok and the social service devision sucks ecspecially the family court devision those peple are real assholes with no respect for anyone so they can suck my cock them pieces of shit
hudson falls social service cock worker
#welfare #people #suck #my #cock
by rage against the system April 14, 2009
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