1. Someone who tastes like soot and poo

2. A finger puppet created by Salad Fingers as an imaginary best friend. He occassionally appears along with Salad Fingers in his dreams/fantasies. In Episode 5, he has apparently been renamed 'Barbara Logan Price'.
1. Hubert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo!

2. Well, if it isn't... uhh... Barbara... Logan... Price. I've made you a friend-hat.
by TheEye5000 April 10, 2005
Top Definition
One of salad fingers finger puppets. He tastes like soot and poo.
Euch , Hubert Cumberdale! you taste like soot and poo! (crying)
by PopCat August 28, 2004
Hubert Cumberdale is a finger puppet, no doubt a creation by Salad Fingers himself due to the fact that he is afraid of human vocal projections. He supposedly tastes like soot and poo, and occationally will appear to Salad Fingers, when he is in an altered state of mind, becoming angry for fleeting moments.
example? Well I don't think I can really give you an example.. thats just asking way too much of me...
by Marjory Stewart-Baxter January 08, 2005
A name used to describe someone who's a little strange or possibly smelly. Originates from the finger puppet friend of Salad Fingers, who tastes like soot and poo: a cartoon on Fat-pie.com.
"You shoulda seen him taking a shit in our plant pots. He were a right Hubert Cumberdale!"
A "friend" of salad fingers who Tastes of soot and Poo and is married to a another "friend" named Mrs. Cumberdale
A finger pupet that is Crudely Done
by Mr. Man March 19, 2005
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