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Used to describe a person in a positive light, like a precious jewel. But can also be used sarcastically or very negatively in some respects.
"Alice is a real gem!"

A: "..caught with pants 'round her ankles"
B: "Cor, she's a riiight gem!"
A phrase used to describe a pretentious youth, who genuinely believes that nobody can appreciate indie music as much as he/she can and will throw an eppy if told otherwise. Inspired by the popular Little Britain sketch, where the gay character Dafydd insists that he is "the only gay in the village."
"He just told me to stop pretending that I liked The Beatles and started screaming. He's like the only indie in the village"


A: "Awww, I love The Beatles"
B: "No you don't! Nowhere near as much as me! I'm #1"
A phrase used to emphasise one's disbelief at stupidly high prices.
"I bought my daughter the Yearbook; £25!!! I almost had a nose bleed!"


A: "Dad, could I borrow £25 for the school's Yearbook?
B: "Arg, nose bleed!"
A name used to describe someone who's a little strange or possibly smelly. Originates from the finger puppet friend of Salad Fingers, who tastes like soot and poo: a cartoon on Fat-pie.com.
"You shoulda seen him taking a shit in our plant pots. He were a right Hubert Cumberdale!"

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