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An uncool, slow, unfashionable, annoying, awkward or stupid cyclist. Often identified by wearing a helmet that is more than 15 years old, poor judgement on the road or by the ridiculous cargo they carry on their bike. In a racing context hubbards are identified by having unshaven legs, riding a Giant or by an inability go round a corner with the peleton without almost causing a crash. Recumbent cyclists are automatically hubbards.
"Did you see that guy racing on a Softride?"

"Yeah, what a hubbard"
by ZBanger February 05, 2008
v.t. & n. 1) v.t. to cheat, make a fool of, to appropriate large amounts of money under the cover of a new age religion.
2) n. The person who perpetrates the above acts.
3) n. A mediocre but prolific writer of pulp fiction whose fans are now republishing his entire oeuvre in the mistaken belief that this will prove him to be the greatest storyteller of all time, bigger than H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Ray Bradbury, or anyone else who owned a typewriter in the 1930's.
(from O.E 'Heobard', or "cheating frigging lying druggie tax-evading bastard")
How much did you pay for that piece-of-shit car? Dude, you were hubbarded.
by DownLexicoWay October 01, 2010
A kid who has a tendency to pull his penis out at the most inopportune times.
Michael says to Kyle, "Kyle, you are being such a Hubbard right now, put that thing away!"
by lalalatodally February 25, 2010
v., hubbarded, hubbarding, hubbards
n., hubbarder

1. To pursue by tracking stealthily.
2. To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.
This hoodrat I slept with has been hubbarding me at work everyday, slowing down when she drives by to see if I am there.
by cha-man May 19, 2009
A guy who acts like a complete asshole and loses all his friends hangs out with all girls but gets no pussy, And thinks hes a typical Hardass
Person 1: Dude hes turned into such a Hubbard

Person 2: Yah i know i can't stand him anymore
by Ohlookalion May 05, 2011
Epitome of douche bag. Refer to douche bag. Also known to have one of the smallest dicks in Australia. Friends and family like to call him Cheerio, in reference to his abnormally small penis. He compensates for his 'Cheerio' by going to the gym at least 4 times a week so people dont look at him as 'the guy with a small penis'. Also refer to Cockhead and Tryhard.
1. *Jumps out of extremely cold pool* Whoa dude, your looking like a Hubbard down there today!

2. "Never say die" getting a battery slogan tattooed on yourself - Pulling a Hubbard
by HatesCheerios October 04, 2010


1. A chick who continues to hang out with a guy who has confessed to liking a Justin Bieber song.

2. Fag hag.

3. A document, record, or instrument that contains the full married name of a divorced woman.
"His MySpace said he was into Social Distortion, I could have never imagined that meeting him in person would ultimately result in my becoming a total Hubbard."

"Andrea, you're obviously a total Hubbard, I mean, like, both your dude and your boss eat pizza with a fork."

"Next time you need to borrow money for gas or cat food I'm busting out the Hubbard."
by Matt Dwonch November 05, 2010
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