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1. A (debatably) mythical superhero with the power of immense charm. Particularly prevalent in southwestern culture and/or folk legend.

2. A term to describe a very good looking exotic male.
1. "Hridindu saved the town of Guadalupe by astonishing the rebel leaders with his masculine beauty."

2. Girl 1: "Wow, check out that guy. So hawwt."
Girl 2: "Past hawwt, he's (censored) Hridindu."
by Apple Jack on his Mac August 15, 2011
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A root beer brown type of chowder.
Fuck, that hridindu made me shit green last night!
by Hridindu September 22, 2008
A rootbeer-brown cup of chowder.
Hridindu makes my shit green.
by Zeus Mechem September 17, 2008

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