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To attempt to hook up with a girl, only to have her turn you down and sleep on your couch.
Tim "Liz slept over last night"
Pat "Did you bang out?"
Tim "No"
Pat "Oh, she Howarthed?"
Tim "yeah"
by Fratrick A. October 12, 2006
43 34
The action of prematurely jizzing your pants, causing disappointment for any awaiting females and great embarrassment for the male.
I was about to get down and dirty but then i did a Howarth.

I scored a stunning free kick today but then i did a Howarth.
by mopmuffin May 30, 2009
66 15
a person who is snotty, snobby, uppity, and pretentious.
Sheila: "I only like rich men who go to The Opera and live in big houses."
Mia: "Don't be so effing Howarth, you'll end up alone and miserable."
by Whatever Trevor July 04, 2006
20 24