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For someone who lives on the streets, they don't need a home to live in. They don't need a roof over their head. Their home is the streets.
"I met a guy that refuses to stay in a shelter, and he doesn't mind living on the streets. He's staying at a campsite down the road. He's not really homeless, he's houseless."
by yes juanito yes June 04, 2014
The state of being without a house. This is often mistaken for homelessness, which is a psychological issue, rather than one of location.

Home is where the heart is. So basically homelessness is where you don't know where your heart is. If you are living on the street, you are houseless.
Look at the poor houseless man over there!

People aren't homeless! They're houseless!
by Kamtre February 10, 2010
An individual who is without a house instead of without a home.
"They should call them houseless people."
by The Admiral July 09, 2003

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