Pronunciation (hous)

House Music: The original electronic incarnation from disco. House typically runs around 120 beats per minute (BPM) and uses a 4/4 time sequence and an eight bar repeating cycle. The beat is maintained by a heavy kick drum that alternates in a 1-3 pattern with a high hat accent. Like its disco roots, house often features vocal choruses, real instrumentation, and a more traditional song structure.

I remember house
before the superclubs.
I remember house
when people knew the lyrics of house.
I remember house
before recordlabels sold the house.
I remember house
when house was about love...
by Ellusive September 16, 2005
A fucking wooden or brick fucking place where you live eat and sleep in.
Jeff: I live in my house
by Syyyg October 22, 2014
A bigger older woman with sexual desires towards younger men. (Usually a housewife.)
"Wow! That chick is a house!"
"Did you see that house hitting on me?"
by House Hunter May 18, 2013
House, /HOW-SS/, adj - 1. a term to describe something as either strerchy or roomy

2. a descriptor for something border lining the ridiculous
1. Yoga Pants are House

2. did you see tom's new car? yeah man, it's totally house
by nightshadeX404 July 04, 2015
(v.) To rough-up or physically overbear without the use of extreme violence.
I saw a huge bouncer completely house a drunk guy last night.

I didn't want to leave any marks on the guy, so I just housed him until he stopped fighting back.
by Minister Hathaway February 03, 2011
1. If you live in the countryside (n). Plural of house. A dwelling, domicile, or place where people live.

2. If you live in a big city (n). Public housing. Places with the term "houses" affixed to them are typically known as projects; the term is applied to them in a feeble attempt to make them to seem more desirable.
Many times, these will be named after famous minorities.
1. Look at those houses over yonder hill.

Taxicab driver: Where are you headed?
Guy: Oh, just over to the Garvey Houses. How much?
Taxican driver: mean the Marcus Garvey Projects? Hell no. Get out.
by jonnydepplovesickne December 16, 2010
Derived from its simple beginnings in the Mars University episode of Futurama, house! can be used suffixed to any word or phrase to indicate your displeasure with that word or phrase.
On its own it forms a negative exclamation.
2. Contracting AIDS house!
3. "Fergus, why did you eat the fire-alarm?"
"I was making house!"
by Ryboflavin March 23, 2005
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