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A hot girl or a hot thing.
The hotty was hot after being in the sun. Talk about sun burn!
by Nichlaus January 31, 2008
43 28
someone who is extremely hot
by anonymous February 22, 2003
233 75
Multiple hot woman. Usually grouped together.
At a party:

Look, hotties 3 o'clock.
by Rob...... August 18, 2006
55 16
HOT women who the cruddies are jealous of, women who are great and woderful. Mothers who have it going on.
The hotties have their husbands/boyfriends drooling over them 24/7, unlike some other women.

Strong women who don't like to have to deal with jealous cruddies every minute of their play time.
by sillygirl June 13, 2004
47 20
a man/woman who is fuckin hott and every one or just one person falls madly in love wit dem.
damn he's a hotty
by ice February 04, 2004
74 65
(n) A rather sexually looking "Shotty/Bong/Hoover." Also a hotty is made from a hoover pipe attached to end of a bong to increase the capacity of smoke.
Geez Dave look at this home made Hoover Bong it's awesome." "Ah you mean the HOTTY
by twisted-behavior September 12, 2010
15 18
Mer BO or Roz sexy bitchs
Damn theysa some hot biatchs
by names are over rated January 25, 2005
21 35