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A pre occupied person, so busy their testicles may have actually begun to overheat.
Slow down there hotnuts, tomorrow's another day!
by bobby the assclown February 23, 2005
5 11
A man wearing shorts above the knee level, ranging from small gym shorts to Daisy Dukes. Usually suggests gayness or just a really bad sense of dress.
Damn, look at Hotnuts over there. Those balls are practically grazing the flames!
by stop it loser March 05, 2009
59 9
Similar to jonesin, but even more intense (yes, it's hard to imagine). Being 'hot nuts' for something is desiring it to the degree where you would beat a nun out of the way utilizing a dead baby as a cudgel simply to attain the desired object.
Shit man, I'm hot nuts for that donair you're holdin' there.
Take off, hoser, it's mine!
by ma401 February 06, 2006
14 7