A pre occupied person, so busy their testicles may have actually begun to overheat.
Slow down there hotnuts, tomorrow's another day!
by bobby the assclown February 23, 2005
Top Definition
A man wearing shorts above the knee level, ranging from small gym shorts to Daisy Dukes. Usually suggests gayness or just a really bad sense of dress.
Damn, look at Hotnuts over there. Those balls are practically grazing the flames!
by stop it loser March 05, 2009
Similar to jonesin, but even more intense (yes, it's hard to imagine). Being 'hot nuts' for something is desiring it to the degree where you would beat a nun out of the way utilizing a dead baby as a cudgel simply to attain the desired object.
Shit man, I'm hot nuts for that donair you're holdin' there.
Take off, hoser, it's mine!
by ma401 February 06, 2006
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