Hottopic is a poser-wannabe store for punks/goths who can actually afford hottopic. A store that sells hello kitty merchandise, Band tees and bright colored shirts, CD's, Zebra tights, Hair accessories, 90$ tripp pants, and so on. All of their supplies can lead you to having a bill of 500$, and you walk out with only 2 items.

Hottopic is not punk rock. Real punks didn't have to go to a store that already sells band tees, they had to go to concerts.

They shopped at thrift stores to buy clothes. They didn't go to a store that already sold ripped up jeans, and I'm pretty sure they didn't have to pay 70$. Punks came from low-income families and didn't have the money to buy expensive stuff.

So, there you have it. When you see a "punk" walk out of hottopic, you know why their there; To be a poser.

Not a Punk #1: I guess I wannabe punk now. I'm gonna go to hottopic and pick up some tripp pants and black bracelets.

Not a punk #2: It's fun dressing in black. Let's go to hottopic, cause I can't think of any other store that sells black clothes.

Not a Punk #3: OMG! Let's go spend my parents hard earned money on hottopic shit. I have the money, so let's go buy whatevers punk!
by BringBackTheRealPunks September 22, 2009
A dumb place where emo and goths shop. blah. i wouldnt be caught dead shopping there! they should try selling color in there store!
Emo Kid- look at my over sized all black outfit i got at hot topic!Normal Kid- Eww how could u shop there! try wearing color for once!
by I <3 Hollister! October 08, 2008
A store where *most* "posers" acquire a certain punk look.
True punks make their own clothes, posers buy them... (at Hot Topic).
by bleugh March 14, 2004
worst. store. ever.
Hey look at all those retards shopping at hot topic! Lets shoot 'em!!!
by wow November 22, 2003
An overrated "anti-mainstream" store whose customers assume that individuality can only be earned through self-mutiliation (heavy piercing), mass-produced anti-authority messages, and random references to vastly overrated 80s pop culture.

The government could easily fund a Hot Topic to keep rebellious people from actually doing something about the world. Maybe they already are.
Right now I am not a true person because I don't put pieces of metal in my neck or my back or my dick. If I did I would be an indidvidual and Hot Topic would hire me because I am unique.
by Name-42 July 08, 2006
a place visited by posers who like to make other people feel sorry for them by buying black clothing that costs just as much as it would be at abercrombie. just as mainstream as every other store in the mall, they carry scary shirts containing pictures of good movies, essentially turning them into "goth" or "stoner" movies. they also blare crappy music including korn, which is the only band i've heard of that has parental advisory on their CD not just becuase of swearing but because of "violent content". what, is it not good enough to swear at exes, now we have to chop them up?

this store also includes scary posters of long dead stoner rock stars. and evil jewelry that should be banned at concerts.
person 1: "i just got this awesome goth shirt at hot topic"
person 2: "omg u idiot... only posers shop there... you might as well shop at gap"
person 1: "OMG!!!!!111ONEONE!1eleven11~~111!!!!!!. i'm gonna kill u with this new evil, bloody way that i heard about on my korn CD!!!"
person 2: *flaunts gap bag*
by evilpyschopenguin February 19, 2005
a place to go get retro cartoon stuff...or stuff that scares people but i go there for the wrong reason cuz carebears r waaaaaaay cooler then dead people
me:feenee i just spent $80 on fraggle rock/carebear tees at hot topic! feenee:caro u prep! haha let the fraggles play boober!
by carobearo May 15, 2003

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