Hottopic: A store apptly named for what it is, "Hot Topic". As in they will sell anything in "Style" to underage angsty Suburban teens who want to be "Different".
Underage Angsty Suburban Teen: Hottopic is for goths, but I like the shirts. You should too because then you're Unique!

Badass Mofo: If Hottopic said breathing was for conformists, 98% of our population would suffocate.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Haha true Fag-Got!

Pikachu: Pika Pika Chuuuu! (Word Nigga!)
by Teh Misfats January 03, 2006
A store and online store preps, dweebs, dorks, and wannabe asswipes go to when they want to look cool.

There are still a few actual cool people that go to Hot Topic, though.
Hey, look at me, I bought these big ass pants and huge ass "Make Me Taller" boots, I must be cool now!

by I forget January 10, 2004
Store that is filled with poseurs but its also decent...NOFX,and many other bands that arent found in an abundance of stores are here.also their merch,but as we all know its not bout the msuic anymore is it??
wow look its hot topic im gonna buy a shirt for my favorite band...Jeeze i look cool(thats me doing that)dunno...
by cletus September 27, 2003
A store for people who are in denial about their stereotype. ( Goths) The store sells mostly black and red articles of clothings and some odd accessories, ( Chains, Chokers, and other types of goth jewelery). The store is for people who haven't found themselves yet.
Hot Topic is a store for gothic people.
by Maddie25 May 01, 2006
A dumb place where emo and goths shop. blah. i wouldnt be caught dead shopping there! they should try selling color in there store!
Emo Kid- look at my over sized all black outfit i got at hot topic!Normal Kid- Eww how could u shop there! try wearing color for once!
by I <3 Hollister! October 08, 2008
A store where *most* "posers" acquire a certain punk look.
True punks make their own clothes, posers buy them... (at Hot Topic).
by bleugh March 14, 2004
worst. store. ever.
Hey look at all those retards shopping at hot topic! Lets shoot 'em!!!
by wow November 22, 2003
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