Hot Topic sells ugly neon hoodies with cat ears, tacky cheetah studded pants made for fat people, cheap makeup, and ridiculous bows that don't even stay in your hair. You can sometimes find cute pins/backpacks/band tees/ect., but for the most part it sucks. At least Hollister is good quality, and doesn't look ridiculous. Everyone in there stares at you with hatred if you aren't decked out in scene gear and have black eyeliner caked on.
*kids at mall*
Jessica: Hey, let's look in Hot Topic!
Ally: Ok, just make sure the horny bi girls don't try to grab your ass!
by elegantelephants May 09, 2010
A place that sells clothes.
People can shop at Hollister AND Hot Topic, just like the person writing this definition. It's not a place for posers to shop, just like Abercrombie isn't a place for posers to shop. If you like their clothes, and not Abercrombie/Hollister's, you shop there, and that doesn't make you a poser, people.
But some people shop there to seem 'unique', and it's just as unique as shopping at A+F. In a nutshell, it's a store that sells clothes, usually considered 'goth' or 'emo'.
I have a few pairs of clothes that I bought at Hot Topic, I wear them sometimes, therefore, I must be a poser, right? Wrong.
by Juuliaa January 19, 2009
An over priced store where "punk" kids go to be "totally non-conformist". But buying overpriced clothes from a shitty store is the equivalent to shopping at A&F. Here's an idea, shop at a thrift store or steal the shit.
Stupid Kid: "Look at those conformists shopping at American Eagle. You guys want to go to Hot Topic?"

Everyone: "yeah"
Makes a good quick present for your girlfreind on the day of her birthday
Person #1:oh man I almost forgot to get somethingfor my girlfreind
Person #2: go to hot topic
Preson #1: hey that's a good idea
by pyroman6 April 02, 2005
a place for all your poser needs. whether your shopping for the 45 dollar spiked belt. or the ridiculous black rimmed glasses with no corrective lenses, to make you seem psuedo scene. or whether you need to find the latest guns and roses rip off shirt. or maybe you need to find the perfect hippie surfer gone metal. thats where we found our sconsin!!
Brooks - hey whose lame ass thick black glasses are those?
Ryan - sconsins. he got them at hot topic.
Brooks - didnt you get sconsin at hot topic?
Ryan - we tried to return him, they dont take damaged goods.
rest of party - LAUGHTER!

ryan and bergman
by RyRyxdeath February 15, 2005
a store that is overpriced but has really cool stuff. avril nade it popular with preps and posers.
Hot Topic has those cool boots and I'm going to a concert.
by Child of The Night June 13, 2004
stupid butt licking foggot gothic skat munching retard poseur store were rich kid go they sell ''punk '' stuff to kids wo will never know what punk is and will abviously get ther face kicked in at a reel punk show(ex. special duties) and yes it is owned by a big abercromie like corperaTion
Hey that retarded poseur just got a casualties shirt at hot topic by the way casualties sold out big hot topic target
by mike May 04, 2004

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