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I cool toy from the game Postal 2 which is a yellow ball sack with a face, and says witty things when you press him like "Daddy said only he can touch me like that".
Krotchy: "Mama said dont touch me there"
by Krotchy May 01, 2004
One of those posers who shops at the poser store, Hot Topic. Tends to spend hundreds of dollars on crap that you can get for a few cents on ebay.
OMG, isnt my new bracelet with spikes so hardcore goth?!?!?
by Krotchy April 29, 2004
A saying meaning you are so worthless that you could be bought.
Hey hobo guy, your so worthless that I could buy you.
by Krotchy May 01, 2004
A person on a mission to kill a specific person/persons.
Abraham Lincoln was shot by an assassin while watching a play.
by Krotchy April 14, 2004

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