A clothing store. A place to buy clothed goods.
Hey! I bought clothes at Hot Topic! Yay clothes!
by Meloria October 26, 2006
1) a place where you cant buy clothing that is lighter than black.

2) a store that is very dark inside...you must navigate yourself in there with a light...but it usually repulses people inside that work there
1) hot topic employee: hi how can i help you?
customer: umm yea where's your white shirts?
hot topic employee: get out! get the fuck out!

2) girl: my oh my it sure is dark in here...
guy: yah gimme a flashlight.
hot topic employee: turn off that damn light!
by Mr. Umbobadob. October 25, 2006
a store. get over it.
oh look. hot topic. let's buy stuff.
by sodapopmary December 18, 2005
its just a freakin store that sells clothes and other stuff ya sum stuff is expensive just b/c you shop there dosnt mean your a freakin poser its not lie you can go 2 american eagle and find the sam type of clothes there
prep::omg that store is so0o0 creepy look at the losers in there i mean like dont they know amborombie and bitch is so totally cool
punk rckr::i need that new blink 182 cd dude lets go 2 hot topic
by punkbuny69 January 04, 2004
A place that I don't go to because I shop for REAL clothing.
Hot Topic sucks, even though they have that 1-Up Mushroom T-shirt. Let's go to Anchor Blue.
by dj gs68 October 21, 2003
Hot Topic sells ugly neon hoodies with cat ears, tacky cheetah studded pants made for fat people, cheap makeup, and ridiculous bows that don't even stay in your hair. You can sometimes find cute pins/backpacks/band tees/ect., but for the most part it sucks. At least Hollister is good quality, and doesn't look ridiculous. Everyone in there stares at you with hatred if you aren't decked out in scene gear and have black eyeliner caked on.
*kids at mall*
Jessica: Hey, let's look in Hot Topic!
Ally: Ok, just make sure the horny bi girls don't try to grab your ass!
by elegantelephants May 09, 2010
A place that sells clothes.
People can shop at Hollister AND Hot Topic, just like the person writing this definition. It's not a place for posers to shop, just like Abercrombie isn't a place for posers to shop. If you like their clothes, and not Abercrombie/Hollister's, you shop there, and that doesn't make you a poser, people.
But some people shop there to seem 'unique', and it's just as unique as shopping at A+F. In a nutshell, it's a store that sells clothes, usually considered 'goth' or 'emo'.
I have a few pairs of clothes that I bought at Hot Topic, I wear them sometimes, therefore, I must be a poser, right? Wrong.
by Juuliaa January 19, 2009

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