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1 definition by Rostoprovich

Hot Topic is the epitomy of consumer culture and a massacre of the spirit of punk rock by pre-manufacturing the clothing and accutraments that used to be made by hand. If you shop at hot topic, realize that there are thousands of other kids out there with the exact same clothes as you, and you are not origianl, and you never will be. You just want to be attention-getting and have people pay attention to you even though your mommy has made you peanut butter and honey sandwiches since the time you were 5 and kisses you every night before you go to sleep in your goddamn giant-ass house in Beverley Hills!!!!!
"Mommy, will you give me money so I can buy bondage clothes at Hot Topic?"

"Of course honey. Just remember to tie your corset tight."

"I love you mom."

"I love you too sweetie"
by Rostoprovich March 01, 2007