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A tv station that used to play music for rebals who hate pop and rap music (a.k.a. punk), but changed its music style to pop and rap to brain wash teens and people in their 20's to listen and buy pop/rap albums. basically music suicide. also plays a bunch of reality shows (the newlyweds , the real world, etc.) cartoons (bevis and butthead) skater/'punk*yeah right*' shows (viva la bam, punk'd, jackass, etc.) they shouldn't have changed their music style, cuz now they just play a bunch of has-been bands, sell-outs, rap crap, and pop. meh. stick to vh1 or maybe the radio, unless you actually like the music they play (like a kagillion other people)
becca:omg, chris! did you see the viva la bam where bam wrecked don veto's car?

chris: yeah, dude, thats like every episode!

becca: i know, but still. bam is so hot! i love skaters. they're so popular!

chris: duh.
by chickenpantspooper March 05, 2005
a store where you buy cloths.so wwhat if you are a prep, punk, goth, nerd, emo, metal-head, loser, whatever! if you like what they sell, you buy it! how can you saying you shop at hot topic mean you're a fuckin poser? "oh, yeah. hot topic! they have some awesome wrist bands and band tees." "you fucking poser!" <--- thats what you people sound like. you know, judgeing people by where they shop or something. god! get lives! if you're calling someone a poser cuz they shop at certain place, then you're the poser.
an exeption: teeny boppers. (sorry, but....yeah teenies are....) but w/e, its who they are.
by chickenpantspooper March 05, 2005
UH, SOTY doesn't think they're goth. they're emo, and so what if they talk about death alot? they kick ass, and are origional. they arn't like fucking good charlotte, acting punk/goth, when they arn't. SOTY, is awesome, and they're lyrics are deep and meaningful. if you don't like them, you don't like them. if you do, then good for you. *thumbs up*
swallow the knife

until the day i die


dive right in

by chickenpantspooper March 06, 2005
evil shoes that everyone has. especially people who don't skate. also a clothing line that people who dont skate wear, and people who do skate, well, hate.
screw etnies. i got them cuz no one else in my school had them, now EVERYONE has them, so i disown them, and will some day, leave them in a body bag in a big green dumpster. yup.for now, i'm fucking stuck wearing them. FUCKING PACSUN, SELLING CLOTHS AND SHOES LIKE THAT! BAH! if you don't skate, stick with sketchers er chucks, er something.
by chickenpantspooper March 05, 2005
a somg by patent pending

a term used by emo kids who want to try and make other emo kids feel a little better.

a popular phrase used in lots of emo songs, and said by the typical emo kid, or by someone sick of listening to an emo kid cry and/or complain.
emo is fucking awesome
don't ever question that.
why are you still reading this???
by chickenpantspooper March 05, 2005

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