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The place for rebellious teens who think they're going against the popular trend by buying dirtbaggish clothes, yet are unknowingly giving their money to the same company that runs such preppy places as Abercrombie & Fitch against which they are supposedly rebelling. How's that for being duped, you wannabe hippie scumbags?
I'm such a rebel that I'm gonna go buy all my shitty clothes at Hot Topic, just like everyone el...wait a minute, am I rebelling or am I being f***ed with?!
by Liquidon Snake December 12, 2006
a store where you buy cloths.so wwhat if you are a prep, punk, goth, nerd, emo, metal-head, loser, whatever! if you like what they sell, you buy it! how can you saying you shop at hot topic mean you're a fuckin poser? "oh, yeah. hot topic! they have some awesome wrist bands and band tees." "you fucking poser!" <--- thats what you people sound like. you know, judgeing people by where they shop or something. god! get lives! if you're calling someone a poser cuz they shop at certain place, then you're the poser.
an exeption: teeny boppers. (sorry, but....yeah teenies are....) but w/e, its who they are.
by chickenpantspooper March 05, 2005
Trend-a-Goth store that sells ugly XL shirts with annoying, overused sayings printed on them. Extremely overpriced and not even worth shoplifting from. Home to many goth and punk posers who come to buy Avril Lavigne t-shirts.
I bought this horribly oversized t-shirt for 50 bucks at Hot Topic, it says "Boy Bands Suck." I'm really making a statement!! Thank you Hot Topic!
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
A store for suburban pseudo-anti-capitalists to buy Anarchy and Good Charlotte shirts. A place where subcultures are marketed and confused children filled with fake angst come to by chain wallets and complex looking pants. A store that sells horrible music with the exceptions of an occasion indie, ebm, or prog. metal sampler.
That asshole had more Blink 182 albums than a Hot Topic store.
by John September 05, 2003
its all about the music.
theee end.
1st person: i wanna show people i love the band atreyu..but yea..how?

2nd person: oh go to hot topic ;
by joanneee July 28, 2007
A store with a "punky" and even a small amount of "gothy" feel to it. They actually do have some good stuff, but it is ruined by the wanna be feel the whole store gives off. Even the people working there scream wanna be.

Ironicly, the kids that say "You laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because you all the same" buy their clothes here, but fail to relaize everything they are buying is mass produced. Just because it is AE or aeropostle doesn't make it different.
Hmm..I tried AE but I still can't get laid, better try a new cliche, lets go to Hot Topic.

I'm so unique I got my shirt off of a rack with 40 others like it.

Pre-packaged Individuality
by Day August 07, 2006
A store that sells a certain type of clothing. It cannot control the type of people that shop there. It's actually a pretty reliable place to get some good stuff. (in my opinion) It's not unorigional of course because it IS a popular store afterall. But is that really Hot Topics fault? I think people shouldn't insult such a thing. It's prices may be high but hey, everythings overpriced. Those bastards.
Poser #1: Hey guys, let's all go to hot topic because all the punks shop there!
Poser #2: Hey guys, let's all hate hot topic because all the posers shop there!
Normal Person #1: Hey guys, let's go to Hot Topic because i like the stuff they sell
Normal Person #2: Hey guys, let's not go to hot topic because i hate the stuff they sell.
by Martha May 27, 2004