Hot Topic is an online and real store. Anyone can shop there. Its not making a statment or being a rebel. I bought a few things from there because I like them. I'm not goth, I like what i like and don't know how to classify myself I usually listen to like emo, screamo, metal and rock. Hot topic was made by GAP! Don't categorize people who buy stuff there as goth and what not because I would not say i'm goth. It's got cool band t-shirts and not everything is that expensive, depending on when it came out.
Girl: Oh look at that guy coming out of Hot Topic, he is so goth, just look at all his bags.
Boy: Yeah I know

"Goth chick": Oh look at that girl, she only has a little bag ... What a poseur
"Goth Guy": I know eh, she just wishes she was like this
by innocently-emo-girl:'( November 06, 2006
A clothing store in which one travels to in order to obtain various articles of apperal. This establishment markets their merchandise towards those who desire to appear hardcore and to be original. But by shopping at this Hot Topic, you are not really original because anyone can shop there. If by shopping there you are looking to be original you are not original because if you were original you would already be original and not trying to be. If original is not something you are already then shop there. Much love to Johnny. Hot Topic is the system.
Hey I got this shirt at Hot Topic I look H.C.!
by johnroxmysox January 06, 2005
a store where people can shop at. it sells mostly clothing that is "dark" or "punk" it is a good place to buy band gear, and clothes/pins/whatever about a televison show or a movie. you can also buy hair stuff and black makeup there. and sometimes they have cool blankets and such. (i got a really fuzzy faerie blanket from there for chirstmas, i love it.)
hot topic is just another clothing store.
by kennie May 29, 2006
A store that sells shirts, pants, sweatshirts, buttons, and all the other usual clothing/accessory store things. Now known as the "goth" or "emo" store. Some people get the idea that they are "different" for shopping there.

Wear what you want. Not what you want people to see as different. If you just wear what you want because of who you are, you will be different.
It's not the fashion that defines your personality. Fashion is fairly pointless. Personality isn't. I shop at hot topic. But that's not what makes me who I am. It's probably my hatred towards animals and people that make me who I am.

Fashion should reflect personality, not vice versa. If fashion defines your personality, then you're probably shallow without realising it and materialistic. But hey, if that's who you want to be.
by I'm not a person anymore. March 21, 2006
Just a store. Some people go there in the idea that theyre being rebellious. But they're not. Hot Topic sells a variety of band shirts, shirts with jokes, etc. They also sell funny buttons or bumber stickers. In addition they sell jewelry (not all got or punk or emo!), family guy merchandise, and anime stuff...Mostly inuyasha or fma.
Wow. This pink shirt with al on it is soo cute!

I love this sticker with Stewie on it saying delightfully white trash.

DUDE! *emo tear* i couldnt go to hot topic but i did anyways because im soo emo/skater/punk/rebel/electrikk/goth/scene and bought really huge black pants.
by bloodflower August 02, 2005
a description for a person who thinks he or she is very different, original and rebellious, while in fact, he or she conforms to some "rebellious" teen subculture and buys the appropriate clothing with their rich daddy's money.
"You know you're quite a hot topic
You gotta nothin' in your head
You got your ass in the back seat
We all agree you're over fed"

Monster Magnet - Monolithic
by icandoitbetter March 27, 2005
Just a store.
In my personal opinion and experience, a lot of kids that go there think they're badass and so PuNk RaWk/GaWthIk for just buying a simple shirt for $50 or more. Hell, it's just clothes, it won't cure AIDS or make you into a god. But overall, it's just a store.
Chick 1: Oh mah gawd! Look at those cute little pants! And oh, they're on sale so now they're $98!
Chick 2: You can get the same pants for $5 in a thrift store but whatever.
by Aftereffect July 15, 2005
a store that sells merchandise which teenagers use to make them feel like theyre "punk" or "goth" and alternative. they think it is the anti-abercrombie, when in fact A&F and hot topic are both multimillion dollar chain stores with overpriced clothing. there is nothing alternative or punk or goth about hot topic, its just another store. so dont think that if you shop there you will become different, because it's in the same boast as A&F, only less slutty.
"i went to hot topic today! look at the clothes i got! theyre kind of a goth/punk theme! now i will pretend to be depressed while cutting myself!"

"dont be such a fucking loser, and wear some better clothes please"
by steve88 February 21, 2005

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