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udderly cute yet very annoying
Cheerleaders are nermal
by jefcar March 15, 2005
A message board on Urban Dictionary where ass hat's like to bitch about stupid crap. Hot Topic is its own store, and everyone who bitches about it still goes there to buy shit.
119 exmaples of bitching from stupid teenagers, man that is just like Hot Topic
by jefcar March 17, 2005
Roomates that named Jeff Hall. Ussually found in Gunnison
"That ass hat keeps drwaring horses
by jefcar March 15, 2005
Someone who is well versed in useless information. Classes are usually painstakingly boring, and chanting of "Would you like whipped cream and sprinkles with that?"
"That guy that works at Starbucks is a total English Major."
by jefcar March 17, 2005

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